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SpicyPanorama Brasil draws on the diverse musical landscape of Brazil: music with influences from the arid interior, the Amazonian basin, and the streets of Rio and Salvador - samba, MPB, bossa, folkloric music and regional styles mixed with jazz and more.

Musical director of Panorama Brasil is drummer/composer Alastair Kerr, a long-time student of Brazilian music, and recognised as one of Australia's leading exponents of Brazilian percussion. Kerr is known for his work with groups such as The Doug de Vries Trio, The New Sheiks, Sexteto Zona Sul and Trio Agogo, and is leading this new group focusing on Brazilian influenced jazz.  

Panorama Brasil have performed at the 2013 Melbourne International Jazz Festival, 2014 Stonnington Jazz Festival and 2015 Adelaide Cabaret Festival (with Vince Jones and Alda Rezende).  In 2015 Panorama Brasil released their second album, Flor de Pedra.  In November 2016 they presented the premiere of Kerr's second major work for the ensemble - Chant/Call: Stories of the Gods.  This suite draws on Kerr's extensive study of the Afro-Brazilian rhythms of Candomble.

Regular perfomers include: Asha Henfry (flute), Al Parsons (trombone), Matt Boden (piano), Jorge Albuquerque (bass), and special guests including Doug de VriesAlda Rezende, Jacqueline Gawler and Diana Clark. 

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Upcoming Gigs
Dec 15 - Panorama Brasil at the Paris Cat
Oct 26 - Danilo Rojas at the Paris Cat
Oct 19 - Alastair Kerr Quartet at Uptown

Upcoming Gigs

Please click through the tabs for information on our upcoming gigs.

Dec 15 - Panorama Brasil at the Paris Cat

Friday Dec 15, 7pm

Panorama Brasil at the Paris Cat Jazz Club

featuring Dany Maia and Sam Keevers

Panorama Brasil return to the Paris Cat with special guest singer Dany Maia, and legendary pianist Sam Keevers.  Dany is from Salvador da Bahia - the centre of Afro-Brazilian music and culture - and she'll be singing some incredible songs from her homeland.  Music from Baden Powell, Cartola, Jobim and more.  Doors open 6:30pm  Bookings strongly recommended.

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Oct 26 - Danilo Rojas at the Paris Cat

Thursday Oct 26, 8:30pm

Cueca - Danilo Rojas (Bolivia/Aus), at the Paris Cat

From Cueca to Jazz Improvisation

Bolivian pianist brings his quintet to the Paris Cat for a night of Bolivian jazz.  Incredible music inspired by the rhythms of Bolivia, played by a great band.  With Rob Vincs (sax), Memo Beltzer (bass), Sal Persico (percussion), Al Kerr (drums) and Danilo Rojas (piano).  Doors open 8pm.  Bookings recommended.  For a little taste, check out  this video.




Oct 19 - Alastair Kerr Quartet at Uptown

Thursday Oct 19, Alastair Kerr Quartet at Uptown Jazz Cafe

presented by the Melbourne Improvisers Collective

The new edition of the Alastair Kerr Quartet makes its Uptown debut.  Featuring the talents of Daniel Mougerman (piano), Stephen Byth (sax) and Jordan Tarento (bass).  Compositions from Kerr and Marc Hannaford, including this cracker of Marc's - listen here.  Tickets at the door.  177 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.