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"The band launched straight into the heady syncopations of the maracatu from Recife, transporting us immediately into the alternative reality of a wild, intensely colourful carnival, about as far removed from Adelaide in winter as you can get."  Stephen Wittington, Adelaide Advertiser


Panorama Brasil draws on the diverse musical landscape of Brazil: music with influences from the arid interior, the Amazonian basin, and the streets of Rio and Salvador - samba, MPB, bossa, folkloric music and regional styles mixed with jazz and more.

Musical director of Panorama Brasil is drummer/composer Alastair Kerr , a long-time student of Brazilian music, and recognised as one of Australia's leading exponents of Brazilian percussion. Kerr is known for his work with groups such as The Doug de Vries Trio, The New Sheiks, Sexteto Zona Sul, and Trio Agogo, and leads this stellar group.  SMbrasil1274

Panorama Brasil have performed at major festivals, including the 2013 Melbourne International Jazz Festival, 2014 Stonnington Jazz Festival, 2015 Adelaide Cabaret Festival (with Vince Jones and Alda Rezende), and 2017 Melbourne International Jazz Festival (with Vince Jones and Doug de Vries).  In 2017 they performed a sold-out Melbourne Recital Centre concert of Os Afro Sambas (with Alda Rezende), and they returned to the MRC in 2018 with Brazil's Modern Poets.  Alda Rezende returns to Australia in 2023 another tour of Os Afro Sambas.

Panorama Brasil released their debut album, The Archer & the Dancer, in 2013, with the album being nominated for an Australian Jazz Bell Award.  In 2015 they released their second album, Flor de Pedra, featuring Jacq Gawler, Diana Clark, and Doug de Vries.  November 2016 saw the premiere of Kerr's second major work for the ensemble - Chant/Call: Stories of the Gods.  This suite draws on Kerr's extensive study of the Afro-Brazilian rhythms of Candomble.  The recording of Chant/Call was released online in 2020.

Regular perfomers include: Yael Zamir and Asha Henfry (flute), Matt Boden and Andrew James (piano), Jorge Albuquerque (bass and guitar), Rodrigo Salgado (bass), and special guests including Dany Maia, Doug de VriesAlda RezendeJacqueline Gawler and Diana Clark.  

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Upcoming Gigs
Nov 3 Dany Maia - Bar Oussou
Nov 10 Dany Maia - Paris Cat
Oct 20 Panorama Brasil - Paris Cat

Upcoming Gigs

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Nov 10 Dany Maia - Paris Cat

Dany Maia

Women of Bossa Nova

Friday Nov 10, 6:30pm

Paris Cat Jazz Club

Dany Maia's Rendition of Bossa Nova's Leading Ladies
Straight from the heart of Brazil, Dany Maia introduces the enchanting melodies of Brazilian music to captivated Australian audiences.

Drawing inspiration from her vibrant upbringing in Brazil's cultural melting pot, Dany Maia's musical artistry seamlessly blends the timeless notes of Bossa Nova, Jazz, and Samba hailing from Bahia and Rio de Janeiro.

Prepare to be immersed in Dany Maia's showcase, "Women of Bossa Nova." This performance is a tribute to the remarkable women who have graced the Bossa Nova realm, leaving an indelible mark on Brazilian music through their compelling, graceful, and refined contributions.

Featuring an exceptional lineup of songs curated from the repertoire of legendary Brazilian female vocalists such as Astrud Gilberto, Elis Regina, Joyce, Tania Maria, and Rosa Passos, among others, this is an event that demands attendance.

As a multi-faceted artist with an irresistible stage presence, Dany Maia embodies the very essence of Brazil's rich musical heritage.  Tix and info here.

Oct 20 Panorama Brasil - Paris Cat

Paris Cat Jazz Club, Friday Oct 20, 6pm

Brazil's Modern Poets

Panorama Brasil with Jacq Gawler and Dany Maia


Panorama Brasil bring a brand-new show to the Paris Cat Jazz Club – Brazil’s Modern Poets. This show pays tribute to the great songwriters and lyricists of Brazil, with the stunning vocals of Dany Maia and Jacqueline Gawler leading this all-star band.

From the earliest days of samba, Brazil has produced lyricists capable of social insight, cutting wit and subtle beauty. From the protest songs of the dictatorship eras, to the intimacy of bossa nova, onto MPB and beyond. Panorama Brasil presents incredible songs from some of Brazil’s greatest modern poets including Djavan, Milton Nascimento, Guinga, Jobim, Lenine, Edu Lobo and Chico Buarque in an all-encompassing journey.

Tix and info here.