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Upcoming Gigs
Feb 20 - Panorama Brasil at Minya Winery
Feb 14 - Trio Agogo at the Brunswick Green
March 5 - America do Sul

Upcoming Gigs

Please click through the tabs for information on our upcoming gigs.

Feb 20 - Panorama Brasil at Minya Winery

Saturday Feb 20, 7:30pm - Panorama Brasil perform at Minya by Moonlight

For the past three years Panorama Brazil have been entertaining audiences
across Australia with an amazing mix of music from across Brazil. Music with
influences from the arid interior, the Amazon basin, and the streets of Rio
and Salvador. Bossa novas, sambas, forró, Brazilian jazz and more.

Panorama Brazil is lead by Alastair Kerr, one of Australia’s leading exponents
of Brazilian percussion, and for this show they will be joined by the
wonderful Jacqueline Gawler

Jacq has lived in Brazil, performing and recording with some amazing musicians,
and for this concert she will sing a selection of beautiful Brazilian songs in
English and Portuguese. 

Full details and reservations here.

panorama do brasil-7-2

Feb 14 - Trio Agogo at the Brunswick Green

Sunday Feb 14, 4pm - Trio Agogo at the Brunswick Green

Virtuoso guitarists Adam May and Paul Carey, along with Alastair Kerr on percussion, make up Trio Agogo, playing Brazilian Choro music and original compositions inspired by Brazil and beyond… Come and see these amazing musicians in action!  Join us for a relaxed afternoon of acoustic music in the garden at the Brunswick Green.  313 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

March 5 - America do Sul

Saturday March 5, 8:30pm - America do Sul at Paris Cat

Jacqueline Gawler leads this all-star group in a night of brilliant music from South America.  Full details here.